Thank you, Caregivers

Every November we celebrate Thanksgiving, but did you know it also happens to be National Caregivers’ Month? It could not be more fitting to celebrate both of these in the same month. Caregiving is often a thankless calling, but we are so grateful for what you do and want to take a moment to tell you exactly why.

Imagine each of these thank you notes arriving at your door one chilly day in November.

To my caregiver,

I want to thank you. This has not been easy for either of us. Having you take care of me is not something I ever thought I would need. When I push you away, please know that it’s because I don’t want to feel helpless, even though I realize I need, and appreciate, your help. Thank you for not letting me push you away. Thank you for always seeing me, not just this disease that is slowly changing me. Thank you for everything.

Your loved one

Dear caregiver,

Thank you doesn’t seem enough. There is no way to fully express my appreciation for what you do for our loved one every day. You stepped up to be the primary caregiver without a second thought. You make the meals, handle the bills, call the doctor. You keep us in informed, while never making us feel judged for taking a secondary role. You shoulder the biggest load of worry and your to-do list is longer than we can imagine. The effort and work is noticed. Thank you- you have enable us to keep our jobs, care for our families, care for ourselves, keep our sanity. You always seem to know what our loved one needs or wants, how is that? Please know that our loved one is doing as well as they are, in large part because of your love and care. Please know we will help in any way you need, but don’t want to seem intrusive or imply you aren’t doing enough. Tell us what you need from us. You are not alone in this journey.

Your other family members

To our caregivers,

Thank you for so many things. For asking questions and advocating for your loved one in ways not everyone does. For keeping appointments even on the tough mornings when it would be easier to cancel. For calling our office when symptoms change, dealing with endless forms for health insurance, installing shower bars and nightlights, picking up prescriptions. Thank you for walking this road alongside your loved one. It would be a much rockier one if not for your care.

Your medical team

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to all of our patients and families,

Your team at Memory Center Charlotte