ON YOUR MIND with Dr. Chuck Edwards

Season Two

Season Two of this podcast is possible with generous support from The Cannon Foundation.


Keep Moving

Featuring guest Dr. Sanjay Iyer

A deep dive into Parkinson’s disease – understanding it, living with it, diagnosing and treating it. 

Confusion: Making Sense of Treatments for Alzheimer's

Featuring guest Dr. Aris Chaconas

Drug therapies and trials are changing quickly.

A straightforward conversation that makes sense of the research.

Season One: Living with an Aging Brain


A Tale of a Twist

Who is Chuck Edwards and why should anyone care what he has to say?

He’s a heart surgeon with a twist at the end of his career…one that sparked his interest in aging and led him to open a nonprofit clinic for families living with progressive memory and movement disorders.

Science & Strategies for Living with an Aging Brain

As we age, our faces change.

Our hair color changes.

Why wouldn’t our brains change?


Dr. Edwards explains the way our brains age, and how to know what’s normal and what could be a sign of disease.

What Now? Finding Dignity and Peace After a Dementia Diagnosis

We’re all in this journey together. Dr. Edwards explores a dementia diagnosis from the perspectives of a patient and a caregiver, the tension between safety and dignity, and strategies to achieve both.

Understanding an Anxious World


We live in an anxious world, for any age.

A discussion about how to live with anxiety, tempered with forgiveness.

Life of a Caregiver: From the Trenches

Featuring guest Linde Carley

Dr. Edwards welcomes Linde Carley, who is caring for her husband who has Lewy Body Dementia. A frank discussion about the double-edged sword of insight, the stages of caregiving, and the effect on the marital relationship.

Life of a Caregiver: The Final Stage

Featuring guest Chris Jones

Dr. Edwards welcomes caregiver Chris Jones, who describes caring for her husband during the last stages of his illness and how she’s found new purpose in the months and years since.

Five Common Mistakes of Aging

Aging is universal, and we can flourish in our later years – if we understand and embrace the process.


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