Why Memory & Movement Charlotte

As we age, a memory or movement disorder diagnosis in one of our greatest fears yet mild symptoms are often part of the natural aging process. Memory & Movement Charlotte provides comprehensive clinical and diagnostic expertise for individuals with cognitive and movement concerns. We consider a memory and movement disorder a whole family disease, and we diagnose, treat, and educate both the patient and caregiver throughout the entire journey. Our experienced and highly trained providers are devoted to a different kind of care, the foundation of which is our Time & Attention model.

What is the Time & Attention model?

It's simply that - time and attention. Treatment for complex conditions like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's require more time and attention. At Memory & Movement Charlotte, every appointment is 60-90 minutes long, and includes time with the patient, the caregivers, and members of your physician-led care team. You will not be rushed, we will ask a lot of questions to understand your family's situation, and we will address all of your concerns - through every step of the journey.

We understand that for a patient to succeed, their caregivers must be informed, empowered and prepared. So we take a family-focused approach. We expand the definition of a patient to include family and caregivers as well, and we provide comprehensive clinical care, education and emotional support for the entire family.

Our care team will become an extension of yours. And that takes time and attention.

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Patient Services

  • Customized Treatment Plans: Careful and thoughtful evaluation of your medical history, current symptoms and challenges
  • Attention to The Details of Your Medications: Thorough review of your medications at every visit
  • Finding a Baseline for Treatment: Comprehensive physical exam and neurological testing
  • Assistance to Stay in Your Home: Help to keep you safely at home as long as possible if this is your preferred environment
  • Caregiver Support Meetings: Family meetings and education to support you and your caregivers on this journey

Caregiver Education and Support

  • Comprehensive Care Planning: Annual meeting with caregiver(s) to develop an individualized plan shared with all those involved in caring for the patient
  • Take Charge Live!: Monthly education series for our caregivers and families
  • Strategies and Support: Doctor-led family discussions, strategies and problem-solving
  • Communication and Support: Prompt communication and support if concerns and questions arise between office visits via our patient portal or by phone
  • Support Staff Who Understands: Ongoing assessment of caregivers’ needs and stress level
  • Connections: Assistance identifying community resources to best meet your changing needs
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