Why Memory & Movement Charlotte

As we age, a memory or movement disorder diagnosis in one of our greatest fears yet mild symptoms are often part of the natural aging process. Memory & Movement Charlotte provides comprehensive, clinical, and diagnostic expertise for individuals with cognitive and movement concerns. We consider a memory and movement disorder a whole family disease, and we diagnose, treat, and educate both the patient and caregiver throughout the entire journey. Our experienced and highly trained providers are devoted to a different kind of care, the foundation of which is our Time & Attention model.


Patient Services

  • The Right Size To Help: A small, intimate practice dedicated to a different kind of care for patients with memory and/or movement disorders
  • Customized Treatment Plans: Careful and thoughtful evaluation of your medical history, current symptoms and challenges
  • Attention to The Details of Your Medications: Thorough review of your medications at every visit
  • Finding a Baseline for Treatment: Comprehensive physical exam and neurological testing
  • Assistance to Stay in Your Home: Help to keep you safely at home as long as possible if this is your preferred environment
  • Caregiver Support Meetings: Family meetings and education in order to support you and your caregivers on this journey

Caregiver Support

  • Comprehensive Care Planning: Annual meeting with caregiver(s) to develop an individualized plan of care which can be shared with all those involved in caring for the patient
  • Take Charge Live!: Our monthly education series for our caregivers and families
  • Strategies and Support: Doctor-led family discussions, strategies and problem-solving
  • Communication and Support: Prompt communication and support if concerns and questions arise between office visits via our patient portal or by phone
  • Support Staff Who Understands: Ongoing assessment of caregivers’ needs and stress level
  • Connections to Community Resources: Assistance identifying community resources to best meet your unique situation