What We Do

At each visit, we take the time to listen. We welcome your questions. We want to hear your concerns. We will work alongside you, navigating the complexities of your illness, together.


Caregiver Support

  • Comprehensive Care Planning: Annual meeting with caregiver(s) to develop an individualized plan of care which can be shared with all those involved in caring for the patient
  • Caregiver Connections: Four sessions offered twice a year for families and caregivers
  • Strategies and Support: Doctor-led family discussions, strategies and problem-solving
  • Communication and Support: Prompt communication and support if concerns and questions arise between office visits via our patient portal or by phone
  • Support Staff Who Understands: Ongoing assessment of caregivers’ needs and stress level
  • Connections to Community Resources: Assistance identifying community resources to best meet your unique situation

Patient Services

  • The Right Size To Help: A small, intimate practice dedicated to a different kind of care for patients with memory and/or movement disorders
  • Customized Treatment Plans: Careful and thoughtful evaluation of your medical history, current symptoms and challenges
  • Attention to The Details of Your Medications: Thorough review of your medications at every visit
  • Finding a Baseline for Treatment: Comprehensive physical exam and neurological testing
  • Assistance to Stay in Your Home: Help to keep you safely at home as long as possible if this is your preferred environment
  • Caregiver Support Meetings: Family meetings and education in order to support you and your caregivers on this journey