About Dr. Charles Edwards

Memory & Movement Charlotte exists because of the vision, commitment and tireless dedication of Dr. Charles Edwards and his wife Mary. From the very beginning, both have poured passion, sweat equity, immense talent and financial resources into our mission to help all families dealing with memory and movement disorders. Dr. Edwards develops and maintains deep relationships with patients and caregivers and many call him - "Chuck" to most - a mentor and a friend.

A Charlotte native, Dr. Edwards graduated from University of Virginia and UNC School of Medicine. He completed a residency in surgery at Duke University Medical Center and had a successful first career as a cardiovascular surgeon in Charlotte. A tremor in his hand forced him to find a new specialization in 2010, after thirty years in the operating room. Inspired by his parents' dementia journey, he returned to medical school at Johns Hopkins for a fellowship in dementia care and came home to Charlotte to establish this practice, with a focus on comprehensive clinical care, emotional support and education for both patients and caregivers.

New Podcast!

A straight-talking, candid discussion about aging, caregiving, and cognitive health from someone who really knows.

On Your Mind, with Dr. Chuck Edwards” explores just a few aspects of what Dr. Edwards thinks about every day: Living with an Aging Brain.

In His Own Words

Much Abides

Dr. Edwards' first book, Much Abides: A Survival Guide for Aging Lives encourages seniors to fill the last chapter of their story with passion and purpose. Written to help the general public understand the effects of aging on our brains, the book explores themes of adaptation and growth, and how to embrace those changes with positivity and flexibility.

Half of all proceeds from sales of Much Abides will be donated to Memory & Movement Charlotte. Read more about Much Abides.