A perfect storm of events led to the start of Memory & Movement Charlotte.

Dr. Charles H. Edwards II, a longtime cardiovascular surgeon in Charlotte, became a caregiver to both his parents in the 1990s when they developed dementia. As a surgeon accustomed to "fixing" patients' problems, Dr. Edwards was frustrated by his inability to cure his parents' condition. He experienced first-hand the stress of caregiving, and the lack of support for patients' families in traditional dementia care. He also recognized that family caregivers are essential to every aspect of treatment for a patient with dementia.

In 2010, Dr. Edwards developed a slight tremor in his hand that required him to find a different specialization. After a 30-year career in the operating room, he returned to medical school at Johns Hopkins to complete a fellowship in dementia care. He came home to Charlotte and launched Memory Center Charlotte with his wife Mary in 2013.

From the outset, Memory Center Charlotte has been devoted to the comprehensive care of patients and families dealing with Alzheimer’s and dementia – through diagnostic and clinical treatment, patient emotional support, as well as education and support for caregivers and families. The nonprofit practice received early support from The Duke Endowment, Physician's Impact Fund, The Leon Levine Foundation, the Dowd Foundation, State of North Carolina and others who recognized the value of this family-focused approach.

With the continued generosity of foundations and individuals, Memory & Movement Charlotte today is a thriving practice, caring for patients and caregivers living with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease (or both) along with related memory and movement disorders.

We remain committed to our original purpose: providing the time, attention, and compassion required to walk alongside each family during a challenging time. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

June, 2022

The Beginning

Nonprofit organization Charlotte Neuroscience Foundation established to support Memory Center Charlotte, founded by Dr. Edwards and his wife Mary in a small office on Randolph Road. 


Memory Center Charlotte moved to larger location at 300 Billingsley Road.


Dr. Chaconas

Neurologist Dr. Aris Chaconas joined practice.

Plus Movement

Practice expanded to add neurologist Dr. Sanjay Iyer and include movement disorders. Rebranded as Memory & Movement Charlotte.

Take Charge!

With support from the Philip L. Van Every Foundation, the Take Charge! caregiver and support program launched.