It Starts with a Phone Call

If you or a loved one is experiencing memory loss, unexplained movement or has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson's disease or a related condition, we welcome your call.

You do not need a referral, although many of our patients come to us at the recommendation of their primary care physician or neurologist. We accept most major insurance plans, including Medicare.  Please have your insurance information available when you call, so we can confirm eligibility.

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Annual Fee

Our patient-to-doctor ratio is significantly lower than a traditional medical practice so we can provide the time and attention needed to care for the patient and caregiver(s). Insurance does not reimburse us for this extra time.

To make this possible, we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit operating as a membership-style practice. We rely on grant funding, the generosity of donors and there is a $750 annual fee which is typically not covered by insurance. Scholarships may be provided by our parent organization, Charlotte Neuroscience Foundation, to those for whom this is a financial challenge. Scholarship applications and payment plan options are available on request. We are deeply grateful to Southminster for their support of this scholarship fund.

Your First Appointment: What to Expect

Our model is a team approach to care for the patient. We recommend you bring a family member (one or more) to your first appointment and to your follow-up appointments. You may bring a close friend or a private medical aide if you prefer. Our doctors and nurses will speak to you together but you will also have some time to meet with them alone during the visit. This allows us time to get to know each of you, address any concerns and answer your questions individually. Additionally, having another set of ears helps at all medical visits, to recall instructions once you leave the office.

The first appointment is about 2 hours long, and focuses on building a care team. It includes a comprehensive discussion with a Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner to understand main concerns, medical history, your support network, identify immediate risks, and establish the best way for the care team - MMC, the patient and the patient's family - to work together.

The patient will have a brief physical exam, possibly cognitive testing (question and answer), and followup tests may be ordered.  Caregivers will have time to speak with our team members. At the end of the appointment, the entire family will meet again with MMC clinicians to discuss next steps. Your nurse will schedule your next appointments, order any tests and answer your questions.

Download and complete welcome package after your first appointment has been scheduled. Return the completed form to, or print and bring completed package to your first appointment.

How to Set Up and Use the athenaHealth Patient Portal

This video is organized into chapters. To find a specific topic, use the forward and reverse features to these time markers:

0:00 Set up your athenaHealth Patient Portal
3:50 Request and manage appointments
6:10 Send a message to your clinical team
8:50 Pay a bill or see your account history

Written instructions to set up the Portal can also be found in the Take Charge! binder you will receive at your first appointment.