A Confession

Anyone associated with Memory Center Charlotte (MCC), as a patient, caregiver or professional, knows we are obsessed with medications. Documenting the dosages and timing and then going the extra step to ensure that the patient is actually taking them is a major safety concern of all involved at MCC. I admit to being overbearing with families that seem to struggle with getting medications administered to their loved ones correctly.

Two weeks ago, I developed an irregular heart beat which required that I start on a daily medication for the first time in my life. The timing was adjusted so I only had to think of it once a day, I chose the morning. My wife, Mary, bought a weekly dispenser and I was in business, or so I thought! In the first seven days, I forgot to take the medicine twice, and would have forgotten countless times if not reminded. This glaring failure of vigilance on my part has changed my approach to medications for all of us, not just my memory challenged patients.

First, I apologize to all concerned for being ignorant of how hard this actually is.

Second, I learned that we all need structure and occasional reminding to adequately manage this crucial aspect of our medical care. Strategies that involve all family members will be addressed.

Third, I am now dedicated to decreasing the complexity of administering medications by eliminating multiple doses per day if possible and aggressively stopping medications which may have outlived their appropriateness.

Lastly, this phenomenon known as human aging is a challenge we all share. Tolerance, understanding and wisdom are needed in large doses on a daily basis.


Charles H. Edwards II