Firearms and Depression


  • Firearms are present in the home
  • A person has acute depression
  • A person has threatened to harm themselves or someone else
  • Family members have felt unsafe in the home


  • The best option is to remove firearms from the home BEFORE there is a major concern.
  • Remove firearms and ammunition.
  • Even without a firearm, ammunition is still dangerous if subjected to the right conditions including a fireplace, stove, furnace, oven, microwave oven, disposal, or hammer.
  • Do not allow a person with depression access to a firearm.
  • If there is a firearm in the house it must be put in a safe and secure place. The best location is a locked cabinet, drawer, or lockbox.
  • It is not sufficient to unload a firearm and place a trigger lock on it. A disabled firearm still presents a risk as others cannot tell if the weapon is loaded or unloaded.
  • Contact the local police or sheriff’s office for help with legal firearm removal.