What is a Care Plan visit?

Our Physician Assistant, Robyn Wolkofsky, forms a care plan with a caregiver.

What in the world is a Care Plan and do I need one? 

A Care Plan is one important element of putting into practice the Take Charge! approach we teach families at Memory and Movement Charlotte. Care Plan visits are fully covered by Medicare – a benefit available to any patient with a cognitive impairment, from mild, age-related memory loss through the end stages of dementia. It can be done annually or more often if there is a significant change in how the patient is doing. 

This one-hour appointment provides caregivers an opportunity to discuss the “big picture” of caring for a loved one living with a cognitive disorder. At any stage of memory impairment, it is common to have questions about the diagnosis and its management .The Care Plan visit provides focused time to discuss your goals and concerns and learn tips to help your loved one stay as healthy as possible while planning for the future. Health and wellness education, discussions around safety issues such as medication management, driving, and managing finances, learning to prepare Advanced Directives, and referrals to community resources if needed are just a few  of the many things covered at the appointment.  It is also an opportunity to check in and talk about managing stresses related to caregiving.

Shortly after the appointment, you will receive a Care Plan document. We encourage you to share this with the patient’s medical providers because a team approach leads to more effective care and better outcomes! 

Please feel free to call our office to schedule or talk to our staff about it at your next appointment.   You’ll be glad you did!!

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