Tips for Fall Prevention

As we age the risk and impact of falls increases significantly, especially if you or a loved one has a dementia or movement disorder diagnosis. In this video Sanjay Iyer, MD walks you through some of the ways you can create a safer environment in your home to decrease the risk of falls.

Here are some things to consider to decrease the risk of falls in your home:

  • Choice of footwear – wear shoes that are comfortable and secure, preferably ones with lots of support and with laces or velcro. Here’s a great summary of what shoes you should be wearing and a few recommended brands if you need to buy a new pair:
  • Clearing the path – make sure that there aren’t any toys, books, electronics or other objects lying on the ground. Also look out for wires and extension chords that someone could trip over. Here’s a list of grabber tools you can use to tidy a room without having to bend over:
  • Risk of the activity – avoid these four danger zones:
    • Leaning down to pick up objects, clean up messes, etc.
    • Reaching up to grab objects in high places
    • Going up the stairs, especially when carrying things
    • Darkness

Falls can be scary to think about, but there’s a lot you can do to lower your risk!