More than a Game

The Sandra Ray Invitational Golf Tournament is so much more than a game. It’s about compassion, family, and a shared desire to make a difference for people living with dementia in our community.

The tournament is organized by the David Moore Foundation (DMF), a local nonprofit with a mission to raise money for Alzheimer’s care and research. This year’s tournament raised nearly $200,000 and the DMF board awarded $70,000 to Memory & Movement Charlotte.

Jeff Ray manages tournament logistics. “The tournament is named for my mother, who died in August. When we started this event in 2019 my focus was on finding a cure – I’m still committed to that goal, but we also want to make a difference for local families. We’re so proud to support MMC.”

Karin Humanik is a longtime friend of Jeff’s and supporter of the Foundation’s events. “My mother Iris Binder was diagnosed in 2004, and I play in her honor.” This year, Karin was part of a Harris Teeter corporate team and also personally sponsored a putting contest to raise more funds. “The putting contest was a great opportunity to meet people and share stories, to put faces on Alzheimer’s disease.”

The Foundation plants signs on the course naming honorees.

“When we reached mom’s sign, we stopped for a photo because that hole was for her.” Karin laughs nervously, “Seeing it released all this emotion. Before I knew it, we were all choked up.”

The team went on to play the hole, a par 4. “My first shot was terrible. But then something changed – my next two shots were amazing and we finished the hole in 3. We were all laughing and crying - we knew mom was there.”

Jeff Ray understands. “I look around this course and I don’t see golfers. I see people who want to help others. My mother would be proud. And now that she’s gone, this work is even more meaningful.”

Karin and her teammates on the course