Dimensions of Care

A new staff member asked me about a painting that hangs in our lobby. It’s called The Doctor, by Luke Fildes, and it captures on one canvas everything I believe about medicine. I look at that doctor’s face and I see everything that’s good about physicians. I see in this scene why I started Memory & Movement Charlotte.

Medicine isn’t always about a cure. A “cure” doesn’t exist for most of the patients we see, so at Memory & Movement Charlotte we focus on other dimensions of care. I call it the Time and Attention model.

Here, a patient is more than a body to be repaired. Each is a person with a life, a family, a history and a future. It’s our privilege to step into each story and help navigate a complicated, challenging course. We spend whatever time it takes to know the unique dynamics of each family. We support and educate the caregivers as well as the patient. We care deeply. Together with you, we aim to keep each patient calm, clean, safe and loved.

So much has changed since 1891 when The Doctor was painted. Much has changed in just the last few years. In 2021 we treated well over 1,000 families despite a global pandemic, grew our staff and reached over 30,000 people through our website and virtual resources. I’m proud to share a glimpse of our impact through the stories in this report – stories of families we serve and of supporters who recognize the value of this approach and give so generously.

We will continue to grow in 2022, moving to a larger location nearby, adding another physician and new services. But our core – our commitment to Time and Attention for every family who enters our practice – will never change.

And neither will the art in our lobby.

Chuck Edwards, MD
Founding Physician