So Much to Celebrate!

It was a party 10 years in the making.

Past and present staff, board, family members, dear friends and longtime Memory & Movement Charlotte stakeholders came from near and far to Southminster in January to mark MMC’s 10th anniversary, celebrate Dr. Edwards’ career, and look to the future.

Hayes Woollen, MD served as board chair for MMC’s first 6 years. He recalled the earliest days in a back room on Randolph Road and the birth of the nonprofit Charlotte Neuroscience Foundation.

“Chuck Edwards has been a mentor of mine since I was in high school. He got me hooked on medicine, but he’s inspired me even more through his service to the patients who need him most. MMC began as nothing more than an idea, and in someone else’s hands it may have ended there. But Chuck made it a sustainable reality.”

Dr. Edwards’ three children – two who flew from New York for the occasion – spoke eloquently about their father’s ability to reinvent himself and to ignore the naysayers. As Chuck III observed, “Our Dad has the vision to see things when they’re not there, and to be inspired by what’s not in front of him now but can be in the future.” That’s the vision that brought
MMC to this milestone.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room by the time Dr. Edwards finished his remarks.

“These last 10 years have changed me as a person and a physician. My patients and caregivers have taught me what this human journey requires and what it needs. The philosopher Martin Buber wrote that when two people relate to one another authentically and humanly God is the electricity that surges between them, and I have felt this grace throughout my career. Thank you.”


Now that the clinic is well-established, Dr. Edwards is turning his attention to training others. Southminster’s President and CEO Ben Gilchrist announced a generous grant to support the development of a training program named in Dr.
Edwards’ honor.

“Collaborating on this training program represents our commitment to not only improving the lives of residents but also enhancing the professional development of our paid caregivers. Together, we can make a significant difference.” Gilchrist said.

Dr. Edwards and Shelly Sedory, RN will develop the program’s inaugural course. “Home health aides and others who go into dementia patients’ homes and assist with activities of daily life are unsung heroes. Every family depends on them, but there is typically little training or compensation for this essential role. This grant will support the development of a course for paid caregivers which will incorporate MMC’s time and attention model into every interaction. We’re so grateful for this partnership and thrilled to work side by side with Southminster to develop, train and invest in our professional caregiver workforce, the backbone of senior care,” explains Janet LeClair, MMC’s CEO.

10th Anniversary Celebration

"It's not enough to say congratulations on a wonderful career. I'd like to say Dad, congratulations on a wonderful life."

-Jenny (Edwards) Wood

"We have a lot of emerging research and possible therapies around memory in the medical field. Dr. Edwards' steadfast commitment to keeping love at the center of our care is key - if we have love at the center, I believe we can get the science right. I can think of no better place than MMC to do that."

-Anita Wu, MD