A Gift of Opportunity

At Memory & Movement Charlotte, we know compassion. We know clinical care. We do not know computers.

We use them to manage patient records, communicate and run our office, of course. We’ve all been navigating telehealth and Zoom meetings over the last two years, and we see how essential technology has become. It’s challenging at times, but this powerful tool brings opportunity.

With the help of a $200,000 in-kind G.A.I.N. (Growth, Agility and Innovation for Nonprofits) grant from Apparo, we are harnessing an opportunity to support you more efficiently and effectively.

Memory & Movement Charlotte is proud to be part of the first group of G.A.I.N. awardees. With funding from Lowe’s, the grant includes hardware, software, implementation, training and support. Apparo matches each organization with a carefully selected team of technology experts. The first year of the two-year program focused on the identification of goals and acquisition of the right technology to achieve them.

This year, with the support of volunteers from Accenture and others, Sharepoint will be rolled out across our practice, allowing staff to collaborate seamlessly from any device, anywhere.

Bill Hammelman, the president of Carolina Computer Partners, has been our project manager since day one and sees his role as a natural way to give back to the community.

“Technology comes easily to me, but for many people it can be overwhelming. If I can help Memory & Movement Charlotte make a greater impact, I’ve put my time to good use.” Bill helped us develop a multi-year technology strategy, provided counsel on system purchases and integration efforts and helps optimize and simplify technology decisions.

The partnership benefits everyone. As we move forward with the rollout, the Accenture volunteers are helping everyone at MMC understand technology’s role as we grow. Accenture Senior Manager Kevin Kohut observes, “This is an opportunity for our staff to see a real-world application of these tools, and to use them to maximize the impact of a nonprofit in our community. Memory & Movement Charlotte’s work is personally meaningful, and I’ll support the practice even when this project is complete.”

For MMC, the benefits are already clear. The more we learn, the more technology can help us help you. And that’s something we all understand.