Talking to the Tub and Other Household Hacks

Visitors to Mark Blinson’s house always ask to see his bathtub.

That’s because the former engineer and MMC patient installed smart valves in the tub and connected them to his Amazon Echo so the water responds to his voice. He laughs when he talks about it. “When I’m in the tub, it’s hard to reach the knobs to turn the water off. I’ve worked in enough power plants to understand valves and plumbing…so I fixed it!”

The tub is just one example of Mark’s resourcefulness and ingenuity. He explains, “When I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease five years ago, my practical side took over. I decided to find the resources I’d need to live as independently as possible – and help other people do the same.

His YouTube channel houses a growing library of video reviews of products he’s discovered - including shoes that slip on, an automatic pill dispenser, and a shirt with magnetic buttons. More than a product overview, each video exudes humor and positivity.

Mark was drawn to Memory & Movement Charlotte because the care he receives is cutting edge. “Dr. Iyer is an innovator like I am. He’s willing to try new therapies, and he’s unlike any doctor I’ve seen. I have his full attention, and that communicates volumes - he’s my doctor, but he’s also my friend.”

And he’s optimistic about the future. “I’m fortunate that my wife and I could make our home accessible. We’ve widened doors and elevated appliances so if I need a wheelchair one day we can stay here. I’ll keep adapting and there’s a lot to be grateful for.”

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