Caregiver Connections Education Series – Mark Your Calendar!

Dear Memory Center Families,

You are invited to attend our caregiver education and support series, entitled Caregiver Connections. The family is an integral part of your loved one’s care team and we are excited to bring you vital information that will not only be useful, but empowering. It is our desire at Memory Center Charlotte that families of all patients currently enrolled in our practice attend.

The initial sense of disruption and loss of control of one’s life following the diagnosis of dementia in a loved one can be overwhelming. We will provide knowledge and strategies, demystify the disease and prepare you for what lies ahead. Caregiver Connections is a critical step in connecting you, the caregiver, to our medical team and to necessary resources you may need when living up to the challenges of caring for a loved one with dementia.

The course includes five two-hour sessions. Each session is designed to address a crucial topic in dementia care and therefore, if possible, please plan to attend all sessions.

Please call us at 704-577-3186 to reserve a place today.

***Caregiver Connections is open to all family members and caregivers of our patients who are enrolled in our program. Caregiver Fees must be paid before attending these events.***


March 1, 2016


Being the caregiver/family member of a person with dementia requires a unique skill set in order for you to be successful. This session is the beginning of acquiring that skill set and exploring what is going to be required of you. You will learn the scientific basis of how the disease will unfold and alter the patient’s behavior.


This session will focus on the caregiver and the process of accepting new roles and expectations. A major emphasis will be on the period of time that preceded the diagnosis and the subtle effect the disease had on the lives of all involved. The response to the diagnosis and how to “Take Charge” will end the session.

April 7, 2016


This session teaches the six most important safety concerns and how to identify those affecting your loved one. Practical tips and strategies will follow a discussion of each safety issue, and resources will be recommended for future reference.

April 14, 2016


A panel of 3 caregivers from our MCC families will speak, each with a unique perspective, on caring for a loved one with dementia and the challenges faced, along with helpful strategies discovered on this journey.


We will guide you in forming your caregiving team to arranging in-home help, and in thinking about assisted living and beyond. What is out there, what might your loved one need and how do you go about finding it- these questions and more will be answered.

 April 28, 2016


This session introduces the difficult subject of what needs to be done to prepare financially and to legally protect all involved. It starts the process of thinking about inevitable choices which will have to be made. Knowledge and preparation are the tools we use to make those choices calmly, void of surprises and panic.


“What do I do when my loved one…..?” We will talk about the most common day-to-day challenges experienced by our patients and families, along with strategies on how to approach them. An overview of currently available treatment options will be provided, along with what is on the horizon.

May 5, 2016


The final session delves into aspects of the last phase of care and what to expect. Preparing for this emotional and demanding time early in the course of the illness can help bring meaning and dignity to a difficult time. A hospice representative will be with us to explain the process and philosophy of end of life care.

We hope to see you there!