Bill and Pam

A Lifetime of Love

Bill Crowder can’t remember a time before he loved his wife Pam. “Her moth­er taught me Sunday school when I was four years old, and I’ve had a crush ever since,” he recalls. They’ve been married 51 years.

Today, the MMC board member is Pam’s primary caregiver following a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. They were both scared but prepared by their life experience.

The Crowder Family

Bill’s mother had Parkinson’s disease and he watched his father in the role of caregiver for decades. Pam cared for her own father while their children were teens. Both understand the tremendous responsi­bility of caring for a loved one.

Bill joined the MMC board before Pam was a patient. A successful business owner, one of his own board members asked him to bring his business experience to the board of directors when the practice launched.

Bill learned about memory loss and what it means to deliver care from Dr. Edwards, but when Pam began to show signs of cognitive decline the couple tried to ignore reality.

“After months of conversation, we had to face the truth. Our first appointment was almost three years ago, and as we left the office Pam hugged me and said ‘I’m so thankful we have this help.’ Not she – we – have help. MMC helps me help her. I never realized how much I’d need that. Having someone spend the time to an­swer questions makes all the difference, and as a board member I can help other people access this kind of support.

A Legacy of Philanthropy

Bill’s father also set an example of giv­ing back. Bill recalls childhood holidays spent delivering gifts and visiting children at Alexander Children’s Center with his dad. As an adult, Bill has continued to support the organization – now Alexander Youth Network – and serve on its board.

“I’m figuring out what my dad knew. I believe there are blessings with every challenge and finding Memory & Move­ment Charlotte is one of them. This is hard, but I have people at MMC to turn to and I’m fortunate. My father didn’t just talk about philanthropy, he did it. He saw the impact he could make. I’m proud to support MMC, and to play a role in expanding the practice to serve more families.”

Bill knows that every family holds a love story. “Pam is the dearest thing in my life. MMC honors that.”