Caregiver Connections

Dates for Spring 2021 Caregiver Connections Coming Soon!

Caregiver Connections is MMC's free caregiver education series that covers a variety of topics designed to help prepare you to care for your loved one over the course of their diagnosis. Registration is free and open to all MMC Caregivers.

Fall 2020 Schedule

10/6 at 12pm: Memory & Movement Overview

Charles Edwards, MD and Sanjay Iyer, MD give an overview of memory and movement disorders including dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease and more.

*10/8 at 4pm: Take Charge: Caring for Your Loved One and Yourself

Robyn Wolkofsky, PA-C will walk you through your caregiving journey, touching on caregiver stress and how to Take Charge of your loved one's diagnosis.

*10/13 at 12pm: Neurology Wellness

Melissa Shepard, MD and Shelly Sedory, RN give an overview of normal aging, Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) Neuroplasty, and wellness strategies achieved through a transformational model of change.

10/15 at 4pm: Safety & Medication

Aris Chaconas, MD and Shelly Sedory, RN talk about navigating scams, firearms, wandering, fall risks, medications and more with your loved one.

10/20 at 12pm: Parkinson's: More Than a Movement Disorder

Sanjay Iyer, MD gives an overview of some of the less common symptoms of Parkinson's Disease.

10/22 at 4pm: Know Your Resources: Your Home & Community Options

Kelly Markiewitz, PT lays out all your options when your loved one can no longer live independently.

10/27 at 12pm: Addressing Challenging Behaviors

Melissa Shepard, MD and Aris Chaconas, MD walk you through what to do when you experience significant or abrupt change and how to deal with challenging behavior your loved one may exhibit over the course of their diagnosis.

10/29 at 4pm: Dementia Communication Dos and Don'ts & End of Life

Chris Ryskiewich, RN and Charles Edwards, MD walk you through communicating with your loved one in late stages of dementia and how to prepare for end of life.

*indicates a change from the original schedule.

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About Caregiver Connections


These bi-annual seminars are open to all MMC caregivers and family members. We cover a variety of topics created to empower you to care for your loved one and yourself.

Topics covered:

  • Basic Science behind Memory & Movement Disorders
  • Challenging Behaviors
  • Caregiver Stress and Mental Health
  • Driving
  • Falls
  • Hospice & Palliative Care
  • Living Facilities
  • Medication Safety
  • Take Charge! Approach to Caregiving
  • …and many more.

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