Memory & Movement Charlotte provides comprehensive clinical and diagnostic expertise for individuals with cognitive and movement concerns. We focus on education, support, and empowerment for both the patient and those who care for them.

Who We Are

Memory & Movement Charlotte patients receive diagnoses and treatment from expert physicians, neurologists and medical specialists, delivered and explained with compassion and clarity.


We are the premier practice in the greater Charlotte region committed to a multi-disciplinary Time & Attention approach to care. We design a patient-centric plan of treatment and communicate closely with your primary care physician to insure continuity and coordination of care for patients and their caregivers.


Our doctor-to-patient ratio is extremely low, so we can provide each family the time and attention required to navigate a complex diagnosis. 

Core Services

Expert diagnosis and treatment options for the full spectrum of memory and movement disorders, including:

    • Neurocognitive Testing
    • Electroencephalogram (EEG)
    • Cognision (ERP/qEEG)
    • Depression Screening
    • Safety Assessment
    • Syn-One Skin Biopsy for Parkinson's diagnosis

Education and support for every patient and caregiver through our comprehensive and interactive Take Charge! program

An annual care plan tailored to each family’s individual needs

Work with patients’ other healthcare providers to enhance continuity of care