Caregiver Connections 2.0

Are you...

  • New to Memory & Movement Charlotte?
  • Trying to understand a new diagnosis?
  • New to caregiving?

This is the place to start!

With generous support from The Cannon Foundation, we've developed this on-demand crash course in what to expect - as a patient, as a caregiver, and from your journey with our practice.

Watch the videos at your convenience, all at once or in segments.

What's next? We're developing a schedule for live quarterly Q&A sessions with a member of our clinical team. If you're new to our practice, watch your inbox for an invitation.

This video series is possible with support from

Video 1: Welcome

What's different about Memory & Movement Charlotte and how did it get started? A brief background and history of the practice from Dr. Chuck Edwards, founding physician.

Duration: 5 minutes, 41 seconds

Video 2: Memory Disorders or Movement Disorders

These videos are specific to each diagnosis. Choose the one that is most relevant to you. Each includes an overview of the diagnosis, managing and treating the condition, and what to expect.

Memory Duration: 9 minutes, 27 seconds
Movement Duration: 12 minutes, 14 seconds

Video 3: Caregiving

Shelly Sedory, RN and Robyn Wolkofsky, APP provide an overview of safety, caregiver stress and our educational programs, Take Charge!

Duration: 10 minutes, 21 seconds

Video 4: In Summary

Final thoughts from Dr. Edwards.

Duration: 1 minute, 59 seconds