A New Role for Janet LeClair

Memory & Movement Charlotte started small. At first it was just Dr. Ed­wards, his wife Mary, and one nurse.

Today, we have over 1,300 patients and a staff of 26. Compared with many practices we’re still small, yet large enough to need a solid organizational infrastructure.

When Janet LeClair joined MMC as Executive Director three years ago, she brought a strong background in human resources, financial practices and operational management. She’s been steadily building that infrastructure, im­plementing and documenting guidelines and policies for everything from staff training to cybersecurity. She’s made every aspect of the clinic more efficient while right-sizing operations to match growth.

And the staff, board and community have noticed Janet’s impact. Effective at the start of this fiscal year, the MMC board promoted Janet to Chief Execu­tive Officer. Janet will continue to report to the Board of Directors and will be responsible for all decision making and operations of the practice. This realign­ment recognizes the leadership she’s shown, and leaves space for a layer of departmental oversight as we continue to evolve.

A warm welcome and congratula­tions to someone we already know well – Janet LeClair, our new CEO!

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"I couldn’t be more confident in Janet’s leadership. I’m comfortable stepping back because I know she’s already stepped up. With Janet in the new CEO role and Dr. Iyer as Medical Director, MMC is ready for the future.”