A Brighter Spot

Artist Lita Gatlin has been on a journey. The Charlotte artist created a painting to recognize Memory & Movement Charlotte’s donors who made the purchase of our new office possible. She understands MMC’s impact from personal experience.

“I wish I’d found MMC sooner than I did. Friends recommended the practice a few times over the course of my husband’s illness but I just couldn’t handle one more thing. I finally called and it made all the difference for us.”

For Lita, nature has always brought peace and release from stress. She’s inspired by the beauty and foliage of Charlotte, and through her artwork she brings those feelings indoors. “The focal point of this painting is a path leading through foliage to a brighter spot. Although the journey of a long-term illness can at times be dark, we’re all striving for a brighter spot. MMC helps families find that. When you have support, you can recognize the good days when they happen.”

Also along the path is a signpost – the sign that hung in front of the door of our original location. “We’re all on a journey of some kind, and the journey of this practice is nothing short of remarkable. I appreciate what MMC does for the community and for families who really need this kind of care. I was honored to create this piece to celebrate that.”